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Dr. Subhash Saini Best Cardiologist In West Delhi

Dr.Subhash Saini is a Senior Cardiologist who is working in West Delhi from last 15 years. Currently he is working as Consultant Cardiologist in Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, JanakPuri since last 3 years.He is having vast experience in cardiology...

Currently he is working as Consultant Cardiologist in Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, JanakPuri since last 3 years.He is having vast experience in cardiology, now focused on Non-Invasive Cardiology and Clinical Cardiology.He is also having special interest in Heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation programme. To full fill above aim and serve the community at large, he started his cardiology clinic SPANDAN HEART CLINIC in Year 2012 which has successfully completed 3 years.

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Heart attack Symptoms?

Do you know how to recognize heart attack symptoms? A heart attack usually occurs when there is blockage in one of the heart's arteries. This is an emergency that can cause death. It requires quick action. Do not ignore even minor heart attack symptoms. Immediate treatment lessens heart damage and saves lives...

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Healthy Living

HEALTHY DIET (EATING HABITS) : A Hearts-Healthy Lifestyle comprises of a balanced diet, regular exercise, reduced high cholesterol levels, no smoking and reduced stress levels....

  • Avoid saturated fats.
  • Keep Salt intake to minimum.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans.: There are various types of heart disease in general population like congenital heart disease e.g. some structural defect in heart by birth commonly known as hole in heart.
Rheumatic heart disease usually occurs in young adult commonly known as valvular heart disease.
Coronary artery disease is most common in general population. There is narrowing of coronary arteries due to deposition of bad cholesterol. This leads to Angina or Acute myocardial infarction.

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Ans.: Most common risk factors for coronary artery disease are diabetes, smoking, Hypertension Obesity dyslipidemia, age, sedentary life style and stress. In clinical practice diabetes is common risk factor after 50 yrs of age. Smoking is most dreadful risk factor in younger people.

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Ans.: Commonly asked question what should I do if I am having chest pain? As a rule all chest pains are not cardiac but you rule out cardiac first and then think of after causes.
Any severe chest pain associated with sweating or breathlessness you must consult a qualified doctor immediately preferably a nearby hospital having facility of ECG. Chest pain not so intense atypical types here and there you can consult your family doctor and plan for further evaluation.

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Ans.: Now acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) is common among young people. Smoking Stress, Sedentary lifestyle are common risk factors. Most of them occurs due to sudden occlusion of coronary artery by thrombus (clot). In clinical practice there are cases when there are no risk factors still patient got heart attack. If immediately proper treatment (angioplasty or thrombolysis) done promptly usually prognosis is good.

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Ans. Very common question after in patient mind that what are the tests he should go for heart Check up. Problem become more confusing when to many advised given by diagnostic centers and hospitals consist of battery of tests .Do not get confused all people do not need all the test. It is advise that consult your doctor and asked him specifically that what test are really you need for cardiac check up. Different people need different test for cardiac evaluation. You can’t compare a heart checkup of 30 yrs old young healthy male to 65 yrs old male with history of PTCA or CABG. This will definitely save your money and time.

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Know your Heart

A healthy heart beats steadily and rhythmically at a rate of about 60 to 100 beats per minute when at rest (normal sinus rhythm). During strenuous exercise, the heart can increase the amount of blood it pumps up to four times the amount it pumps at rest, within only a matter of seconds.

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